Kohei Hirota is a Jpanese MotorSpors photographer based in Osaka.

- My mission is to shoot the wonderful races of the world and to remain in this world. And I want to share excitement with enthusiasts all over the world. For that I chose to live as a freelance photographer. -

Kohei began his career at a Motorcycle company since 2004.

The company that worked is based in Osaka with RS-TAICHI  inc.

I experienced salesperson, director of WEBSHOP. After that, I experienced advertising production and race and product shooting in the Promotion department.

I decided to become a freelance photographer because I wanted to shoot seeing lots of wonderful races.

My favorite thing is MOTO AMERICA. And the photographer who influenced me is Brian J. Nelson. His wonderful photos inspired me to feel the impression of the race race pictures.

I will continue my journey of life to provide wonderful photos to Motorcycle lovers around the world.



2004/9-2018/9 RS-TAICHI INC. 
I worked in the motorcycle industry for 14 years

2004         HEAD STORE  : customer staff    / Domestic

2009   HEAD STORE       :      WEB  MARKETING    / Domestic

2016         HEAD OFFICE      :     PROMOTION DEPARTMENT    / Domestic / INTERNATIONAL